Deselection Summer I 2020_HF RSS feed for public list Deselection Summer I 2020_HF The twenties; by Unstead, R. J. The thirties; by Unstead, R. J. World War I / by Adams, Simon, World War II / by Adams, Simon, European security : Man makes his way / by Pitcher, R. Age by age: landmarks of British archaeology by Jessup, Ronald Frederick, The Middle Ages / by Cootes, R. J. Prehistoric Britain / by Place, Robin. Everyday life in Roman times / by Quennell, Marjorie. Roman Britain / by Richmond, I. A., Saxon Britain / by Mellersh, H. E. L. Saxon England / by Hamilton, John Robertson Campbell. The anglo-saxons : by Sellman, Roger Raymond. Alfred the Great : by Fitt, Mary, Medieval and Tudor Britain / by Chancellor, Valerie E. The Plantagenets : by Ault, Susan. Country life in the Middle Ages : by Davies, Penelope. Growing up in the Middle Ages : by Davies, Penelope. Town life in the Middle Ages / by Davies, Penelope. Domesday book and beyond : by Maitland, Frederic William, Kings bishops knights and pawns : by Arnold, Ralph. Norman England / by Sellman, Roger Raymond. Years of the sword: by Unstead, R. J. Edward I, by Stones, E. L. G. People of the past : The Reformation in England / by Powicke, F. M. The Tudor family / by Mitchell, Ann. King Henry VIII : by Woodward, George William Otway. Puritanism and revolution : by Hill, Christopher, Britain after the Glorious Revolution, 1689-1714, by Holmes, Geoffrey S., People of the past : Britain and the World : by Newth, A. M. The twentieth-century mind : by Cox, C. B. The long revolution / by Williams, Raymond. Two lives of Charlemagne / by Thorpe, Lewis G. M., The life of Charlemagne / by Einhard, The greatness of Louis XIV : by Church, William Farr, Napoleon : by Dowd, David L. The Paris Commune of 1871 / by Schulkind, Eugene. Introducing Germany / by Wightman, Margaret. Germany in the age of Bismarck / by Simon, Walter Michael, The rise and fall of Athens : by Plutarch. Guide to Greece / by Pausanias. Who was who in the Greek world, 776 BC-30 BC / The Greeks overseas / by Boardman, John, The Santorini volcano and the desolation of Minoan Crete / by Page, Denys Lionel, A fresh look at Greece : The twelve Caesars / by Suetonius, The government and politics of contemporary Italy / by Germino, Dante L. The companion guide to Venice. by Honour, Hugh. Soviet-East European dilemmas : Readings in Russian foreign policy : by Goldwin, Robert A., Catherine the Great / by Oldenbourg, Zoé, Lenin and the Russian revolution / by Hill, Christopher, Transforming Russia and China : by Rosenberg, William G. Lenin's last struggle / by Lewin, Moshe, Perestroika : by Gorbachev, Mikhail Sergeevich, The Scandinanvian guide 1988. by Cowie, Peter. The Vikings. by Burland, C. A. Facts about Denmark / by Stubkjær, Jens. Driving over lemons : by Stewart, Chris. Eyewitness in revolutionary Portugal / by Wise, Audrey. Tito : by Auty, Phyllis. Handbook on Yugoslavia / Croatia : by Tanner, Marcus. Middle Eastern journey. by Newman, Bernard, Cyprus. Bitter lemons / by Durrell, Lawrence. Marketing research. by Malhotra, Naresh K. Financial markets and institutions / by Saunders, Anthony, Nihāyat ʻaṣr al-quwah : by Moisés, Naím The character of adoption / by Benâet, Mary Kathleen. Poor women, poor families : by Rodgers, Harrell R. The story of my life by Keller, Helen, Seeing voices : by Sacks, Oliver W. Behind the beautiful forevers : by Boo, Katherine. Fundamentals of criminal justice research / by Clark, Robert S., Women, crime, and criminology : by Smart, Carol. Terrorism / by Laqueur, Walter, 6 nightmares : by Lake, Anthony. Suicide / by Gibb, Jack P. Mindhunter : by Douglas, John E. The anatomy of motive : by Douglas, John E. Discipline and punish : the birth of the prison. by Foucault, Michel. Karl Marx : by Berlin, Isaiah, Marx. by McLellan, David. Socialism, utopian and scientific / by Engels, Friedrich, Power & choice : by Shively, W. Phillips, Means without end : by Agamben, Giorgio, Biopolitics and social change in Italy : by Righi, Andrea, Impressions of Hume : by Panagia, Davide, Common security : Postcolonial politics, the Internet, and everyday life : by Franklin, Marianne, International politics : International organizations : by Karns, Margaret P. The courage to teach : by Palmer, Parker J. Handbook of semiotics / by Nöth, Winfried. Language and literature in a glocal world / Persians and other plays / by Aeschylus. Ammianus Marcellinus : by Kelly, Gavin,