Deselection Summer II List 5 RSS feed for public list Deselection Summer II List 5 A child's history of England : by Dickens, Charles, A concise history of England from Stonehenge to the atomic age / by Halliday, F. E. A history of everyday things in England : by Quennell, Marjorie. A place in history / by Johnson, Paul, A short history of our own times : by McCarthy, Justin, A short history of the English people by Green, J. R. Ancient Rome. by Taylor, Duncan. Britain yesterday and today, 1830 to the present / by Arnstein, Walter L. Classical Greece, by Bowra, C. M. England in the seventeenth century / by Ashley, Maurice, English society in the early middle ages, (1066-1307) / by Stenton, Doris Mary Parsons, Everyone's story of Britain / by Dempsey, Michael W. Famous battles of world history / by Blackwood, A. Famous engagements : by Green, Howard, From concept to form in landscape design / by Reid, Grant W. Great Britain; by Derry, T. K. Greece / Imperial Rome, by Hadas, Moses, Invaded island, by Unstead, R. J. Italy, by Kubly, Herbert. Kings, barons & serfs; by Unstead, R. J. Leningrad : by Gosling, Nigel, London / by Russell, John, Medieval English warfare / by Sellman, Roger Raymond. On dealing with the Communist world / by Kennan, George Frost, Our own homes through the ages / by Moss, Peter. Oxford : by Madan, Falconer, Portrait of Moscow : by Neubert, Karel. Primary Sources : by Marwick, Arthur, Queen Victoria / by Streatfeild, Noel. Renaissance, by Hale, J. R. Rome : by Biesty, Stephen. Social England : by Traill, H. D. Socialism in one country, 1924-1926 / by Carr, Edward Hallett, The age of aristocracy, 1688-1830 by Willcox, William Bradford, The American heritage history of World War I / by Marshall, S. L. A. The Bolshevik Revolution, 1917-1923 / by Carr, Edward Hallett, The Book of London / The British scene. by Engelmann, Franklin. The decisive battles of the western world : by Fuller, J. F. C. The dictionary of English history / by Low, Sidney, The Elizabethan seamen. by Sellman, Roger Raymond. The essential Trotsky / by Trotsky, Leon, The history of England from the accession of Henry III. to the death of Edward III. (1216-1377) by Tout, T. F. The legacy of England : by Bell, Adrian. The life and times of Caesar; by Buzzi, Giancarlo. The past we share / by Quennell, Peter, The town by Martin, G. H. The unforgettable Winston Churchill : The vanished city; by Carrier, Robert, This realm of England, 1399-1688. by Smith, Lacey Baldwin, Tudor England by Bindoff, S. T. Victoria's reign. by Cammiade, Audrey.