Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Principles of Financial Accounting Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) ACCG201 Fall 2017
Tesch, Fred
2 hours
Architectural Design Studio VII Bachelor of Architecture ARCH 401 C Fall 2017
Alexander Smith, John
Architecture Theory Bachelor of Architecture ARCH351 A/B Fall 2017
Alexander Smith, John
The Language of Film Bachelor of Communication and Information Studies (B.C.I.S) COMM106 A
Kubeisy, Sumaya
Construction Productivity Engineering EICM 616 Fall 2017
Ashmawy, Alaa
4 Hours
World Geograph General Studies Geog 101 A Fall 2017
Kulshan, Trayle
2 Hours
Building Information Modeling 1 Interior Design DDFT474
Albani, Alex
Interior Design Interior Design IDES
El Tabbah, Chadi
Studio VI : Universal Design Interior Design IDES 400 A B Fall 2017
Lee, Kristin
Albul, Natalia
until fall 2017
Digital Design Illustration Interior Design IDES270
Ancient to Medieval Arts Arts and Sciences ARTS 200 Fall 2017
Schell, Sarah Elizabeth
Until Dec 21, 2017
Renaissance to Modern Art Arts and Sciences ARTS 201 Fall 2017
Schell, Sarah Elizabeth
Until Dec 21, 2017
Principles of Biology Arts and Sciences BIOL201 Fall 2017
Moukayed, Meis
Until Dec 25, 2017
Developmental English Arts and Sciences ENGL100
Public Speaking Arts and Sciences PSPK101
Landes, David Benjamin
World Cultures I & World Cultures II & History of Art III Arts and Sciences WLDC201/202 & ARTS202
Hetrick, Jason
Introduction to Visual Communication Visual Communication VCCC100
Illustration II Visual Communication VCST 351
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