Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
History of economic thought Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) ECON 310 Fall 2019
Khouri, Salwa
EMBA Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) EMBA Fall 2019
Luijendijk, Maryke
Architcture History and Theory 1 & 2 Bachelor of Architecture ARCH 151/252
Balila, Mohammed
Until Dec 20, 2019
Arch Studio III Bachelor of Architecture ARCH 201 12-20-2019
Studio IX Bachelor of Architecture ARCH 501 Fall 2019
Cornaro, Anna
Digital Design & Fabrication Bachelor of Architecture DDFT 341
Carrillo, Jose
BIM I Bachelor of Architecture DDFT 474
Albani, Alex
Do not remove for course reserve
BIM I Bachelor of Architecture DDFT 474
Albani, Alex
BIM II Bachelor of Architecture DDFT 475 Fall 2019
Albani, Alex
Drama & TV format analysis Bachelor of Communication and Information Studies (B.C.I.S) COMM 105 Fall 2019
Kubeisy, Sumaya
The Language of Film Bachelor of Communication and Information Studies (B.C.I.S) COMM106 A
Kubeisy, Sumaya
Building Information Modeling 1 Interior Design DDFT474 Fall 2019
Albani, Alex
Interior Design Interior Design IDES
El Tabbah, Chadi
Building Codes Interior Design IDES 369 Fall 2019
Albul, Natalia
Senior Thesis : Research 1 Portfolio Interior Design IDES 404 Fall 2019
Lee, Kristin
Until Dec19, 2019
Low Intermediate Intensive English Interior Design IELP 097 Fall 2019
Renaissance to Modern Art Arts and Sciences ARTS 201 Fall 2017
Schell, Sarah Elizabeth
Until Dec 21, 2017
Introduction to Global Media Arts and Sciences Comm 101 Spring 2018
Freeman, Bradley
Introduction to Literature Arts and Sciences ENGL 103 Fall 2019
Giovannucci, Perri
Robbins, Micah
Developmental English Arts and Sciences ENGL100
World Geography Arts and Sciences GEOG 101 Fall 2019
Kulshan, Trayle
Until Dec 19, 2019
Modern Hist of the ME Arts and Sciences MEST 350 Until Sept 9, 2019
Professional Ethics Arts and Sciences PHIL 222 Fall 2019
Alexander, Sandra
Contemporary Political Issues Arts and Sciences POLS 401 Summer I 2019
Bortolazzi , Omar
Public Speaking Arts and Sciences PSPK101
Landes, David Benjamin
Social Psychology Arts and Sciences Psyc 313 Spring 2018
Jogia, Jigar Rasiklal
Weber, Viola
Until Dec 21, 2018
World cultures 1 Arts and Sciences WLDC 201 Spring 2018
Giovannucci, Perri
Principles of Learning and Classroom Management Master of Education (M.Ed.) EDCO 604 Spring 2019
Maluch, Jessica
Teaching in a Multicultural Classrooms. Master of Education (M.Ed.) EDCO 621
Al Borno, Nadera
Elementary Language Arts & Social Studies Master of Education (M.Ed.) EDEL605
Maluch, Jessica
2 Hour Course Reserve.
Illustration II Visual Communication VCST 351 Fall Semester 2015

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